THE DREAMING IS A VERDANT, WILD twin of the world of Lanjyr. Home to the ancestors of elves, drow, and gnomes; the Dreaming is a realm of rugged natural beauty—towering forests sprawl for a thousand leagues, their trees surrounded by mesmerizing lights that look like dancing lanterns. Phosphorescence gleams on plants and stones, illuminating the forest floor. Perfect amber prairies roll between pristine mountain peaks soaring into the flawless clouds. Emerald, turquoise, and jade green seas crash along endless beaches. At night, the skies are a deep midnight blue twinkling with a panoply of stars. In this world, arcane power thrums through every tree and rock and all existence is magical. Here, fairy tales come alive—many animals and trees are awakened and abide by curious rules that baffle visitors.

While fey comprise the majority of the Dreaming’s inhabitants, they are hardly the only beings present. The elves are returning in droves, leaving the Material Plane to the hands of fate, and machines of humanity. Non-fey creatures native to the Dreaming—the enigmatic azata, the vicious hags, and the tyrannical fomorians—are all charged with the mystic energy of this plane. Some are blessed by it, and some are warped. Like the land around them, the fey and others who inhabit this plane run to extremes. Good fey are noble and just, protectors of the natural world and those mortals they choose to show favor to. Evil fey are dark instinct unleashed, all blood and claw and rage. The creatures of the Dreaming can be kind, cruel, noble, monstrous, and savage—often all at the same time.

The intelligent races do their best to bend the Dreaming to their will. The main rivals attempting to rule the realm of Faerie are the azata in their shining cities and the fomorians in their subterranean fortresses. Other races lurk at the edges of the conflict, and the unpredictable character of the fey keeps the balance of power fluid. When dealing with politics in the realm of Faerie, only one thing is certain: half of what seems to be true isn’t.

The archfey are nigh-godlike avatars of their chosen aspect of nature. Some are noble azata so old and powerful that they have transcended the bounds of mortality. Some are the awakened spirits of mighty forests, mountains, or river. Others are the sentient incarnations of different types of animals.

Archfey range from kindly to malicious and from compassionate to uncaring. Most are perilous for mortals to deal with, but others find mortals fascinating and may favor them with gifts of power or knowledge. Aside from the tribute they feel is owed them from their mortal counterparts, the archfey are absorbed in their own rivalries, intrigues, and old enmities. Some seek agents in the mortal world and instruct would-be witches in primeval magic. Although the most powerful archfey govern factions of like-minded beings, in general, the fey work at cross-purposes with each other, governed by enigmatic rules few mortals can hope to puzzle out.


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