Psionic offshoots of dwarves, the nihilistic and foul-tempered duergar loathe trespassers to their underground realms. Known also as “gray dwarves,” the duergar appear as darker, bald, physically twisted versions of their mountain-dwelling kin. Their skin is a mottled gray, as though rubbed with ash, and often blotched with scabs and scars. Unsettlingly, a duergar’s ropey musculature writhes of its own accord.

Duergar are a cruel race of slavers, driving their captives to death with backbreaking work. As a culture, the gray dwarves fear a deep-dwelling horror they refer to as “That Which Sleeps Beneath.” Much of their toil revolves around propitiating this (imagined?) abominable god-thing, though every gray dwarf knows he is merely prolonging the inevitable.

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Duergar Alternate Racial Trait

Duergar Immunities: Duergar are immune to paralysis, phantasms, and poison. This ability replaces the “Hardy” and “Naturally Psionic” racial traits.


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