A SHORT BUT STOUT, TENACIOUS and acquisitive folk hailing from various clanholds carved into the mountains. Dwarves are widespread and have successfully integrated into human civilization, especially in factory and mining towns, though they are stubbornly devoted to their own people and traditions. Dwarves are notorious for a dark sort of pragmatism that borders on the sinister. They have a history of employing foul magics such as necromancy and diabolism; and in supporting tyrannical governments. Even today, few dwarves contest the widespread presence of undead servitors in their mountain halls, or the practice of testing experimental magic on condemned criminals.

Dwarves are natural miners and smiths. Powerful dwarf families mint coinage and operate banks, issue letters of credit, hold loans, and collect debts. Dwarf bankers and merchant barons wield a great deal of economic power throughout Danor and Risur, and they are well respected as a result. To an extent, they are also feared, since dwarves are known to be ruthless in collecting unpaid debts.

The major dwarven nation of Drakr is bleakly resigned to an imminent doomsday, when ancient horrors will claw free from glaciers and engulf the world in a frigid death. This event may be related to the mythic abomination worshiped by their mad cousins, the duergar. Adherence to duty is so ingrained in their culture, however, that the dwarves continue to adjust ledgers and toil in their forges—even as they prepare for the world’s end.

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