The elans are a strange race of ex- humans transformed by incorporeal alien entities who desire material existence. Having vast psionic potential, elans are able to sustain their new bodies with nothing but the power of the mind.

Elans are no longer mortals, having been altered body and soul by the beings they have merged with, though they retain wisps and fragments of their previous lives’ memories. Elans expand their numbers by transforming humans whom they choose for inscrutable reasons. Few humans have a choice in the matter. The process by which an elan comes to be is more gestalt than possession, and once done can only be undone by epic magic.

As a true hybrid of human hosts and psionic spirits, elans possess keen intellects but are not ruled by logic. They seek the perfection of their minds to the exclusion of any physical pursuits. Elan mindsets become warped by the alien, and thus their aesthetics court the unusual. They are more interested in psionics than in the magic that pervades the world, and often lace their discourse with esoteric terms such as “matter,” “kinetics,” and “ectoplasm.”

An elan inherits the vast psionic potential of its possessing spirit, which likewise tends to mutate its body over time. No two elans look alike—those elans especially long-lived or psionically adept manifest writhing tentacular hair, strange flesh tones, gnarled hands, multiple eyes, and vestigial limbs.

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