A brutish-looking race common in the slums of human cities. As humanity grew in Lanjyr, it conquered and enslaved many primitive peoples. Orcs, the traditional enemies of the old elven empire, were prized by humans for their strength and lack of willpower. Orc males were goaded by lash and prod to lug masonry or compete in gladiatorial games, while their sisters and daughters were sexually exploited by depraved humans captivated by the females’ emerald skin and bulging musculature. As a consequnce, a population of orcish half-bloods grew that banded together for security, sympathy, and companionship. Most humans today are deeply ashamed of this chapter of their history, a shame embodied by the squalid, violence-plagued half-orc ghettos in each of their major cities.

Half-orcs almost always grow up in abject poverty, with few opportunities save crime and adventure to improve their lot in life.

Half-orcs and Half-orc Racial Traits at the D20PFSRD


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