Old Faith


ALSO KNOWN AS THE GREEN FAITH, the Old Faith is a naturalistic philosophy based on the belief that natural forces are worthy of attention and respect. Practiced throughout Risur, of vital importance is the propitiation of the intelligences reflective of natural phenomena, such as elemental spirits and fey.

Devotees of the Old Faith meditate daily, gazing up at the starry night sky in the hopes of receiving inspiration and insight into future events. Adherents commune with natural forms of power and show respect to nature in all things. Even in the cities, common folk often hang fresh herbs from the lintels of doorways as a sign of respect for nature. It is customary to heed the land spirits and the appease the denizens of the Dreaming before starting any construction or agricultural projects, less they sabotage the work and cause misfortune to all involved. Those who seek favor from the fey often leave them gifts such as bowls of milk and honey, sweets, jewels, alcohol and tobacco, though it easy to insult the capricious beings by leaving the wrong gift or doing so at the wrong time. The fey love children, and mortal infants are especially favored as gifts. A particularly angry or evil-tempered fey may demand babies or else cause all kinds of mayhem.

The Old Faith is, with little argument, the oldest form of worship in Risur, as evidenced by the numerous druidic symbols found in the cave drawings of early man. However, it is a faith in decline. Many modern Risuri are progressive-minded and see the old ways as a thing of the past, and the age of the fey ended long ago.


The term “primalist” refers to those followers of Risur’s Old Faith who believe that their nation’s path of technological advancement and industrialization is an affront to natural forces and the Unseen Court. While most primalists protest peacefully, some, like Ethelyn of Shale, are willing to take extreme actions to circumvent King Aodhan’s technological reforms.

Divine casters who draw upon nature are usually druids or rangers, but clerics and even inquisitors may be adherents as well. The domains associated with the Old Faith are Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water, or Weather. Their favored weapon is the spear.

Old Faith

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