DANOR IS A REALM OF ATHEISTS, where belief in gods and the practice of magic is considered passé. This philosophy has been promoted by the Jierre ruling party for centuries. Every person who has passed through the nation’s academically exhaustive public educational system is indoctrinated in its tenets—that the so-called gods are the creation of primitive minds unable to comprehend the real structure of the world. Progress, innovation, scientific inquiry—these are the values paramount to Pragati and the ingredients of a healthy society. Those who hold false beliefs, be they in gods, in disproven economic theories, or anything else, are a threat to progress.

While most followers of Pragati reject the idea of magic and extraterrestrial puppetmasters, some adherents to this philosophy outside Danor can and do access psionics, arcane, and even divine magic. These rare few believe in an individual’s potential to unlock her own divinity—which they call gnosis —through reason, innovation, self-confidence, and sheer force of will. Pragati believe that it is simply gnosis that is accessed by religious believers, who must use the trappings of ritual and exercise self-abasement to use divine magic. Pragati hold themselves above that sort of ceremonial groveling.

Pragati who are alchemists and artificers believe their own gnosis empowers their creations rather than external magical forces. Pragati monks, psions and psychic warriors perfect their bodies and minds through meditation. A rare few clerics and inquisitors unlock an inner source of divine magic through Pragati, and choose their domains from among Artifice, Knowledge, Law, Liberation, and Protection. Their favored weapon is the pistol, the perfect symbol of modern innovation.


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