THE THREE-FACED MOTHER-WARRIOR-QUEEN, Srasama was just one of dozens of prominent gods in the fey pantheon. Traditionally she was the six-armed sculptor who gave form to the raw creation discovered by her husband. She had dominion over the lives of women, and she particularly oversaw rituals of womanhood, marriage, and grief. For these, she would take three different forms of maiden, mother, and crone, but in all she was a fierce defender of the Elfaivar empire. Five hundred years ago, Ssrasama was summoned on behalf of the elves to reclaim territory lost to the holy crusaders of Crisillyir. It was the first and last time a deity was known to physically manifest on the Material Plane.

What has come to be known as the Second Victory ended with a legendary battle just outside the walls of Alais Primos, where legions of Clergy-blessed warriors faced an army of elves and fey led by the goddess Srasama herself. After hours of battle, Srasama was laid low by powerful spells and felled by a thousand cuts. Fire exploded from her body.

The goddess’s death had severe repercussions throughout Lanjyr which are collectively referred to as the Great Malice. The warriors on both sides of the conflict closest to Srasama were annihilated, but those who survived and were near enough to witness the death of a god were marked by the experience. These became aasimar. The leaders of the Clergy, based thousands of miles away in Danor, were cursed by the goddess’s dying breath and became tieflings. Their kingdom was stripped of its magic and collapsed into chaos. Most tragically, the elven race was decimated as nearly every one of their women perished. It would dwindle further in the years to come as elves fought amongst themselves for whatever females they had left.

Upon her death, some of Srasama’s portfolio was assumed by Calistria, her daughter, though vengeance is foremost in the minds of those who choose The Savored Sting as a patron.


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