Vairday Bruse


FORTY YEARS AGO, AN ORC warlord, Vairday Bruse, declared himself king of Ber after he managed to conquer the three largest cities in the land. Risur expected an imminent invasion, but instead the new king opened diplomatic channels with Danor and arranged for the construction of factories. The wealth from this new industry helped keep tribal warlords cooperative, and the work gave would-be soldiers something to do with their energy.

Dubbed “Le Roye,” a Danor diminutive for “the king,” Bruse managed to keep peace until his death five years ago, and had the foresight to arrange a peaceful transition of power. He took his cue from Risur, and passed the crown to a respected ally who was not a blood relative; indeed he was a minotaur, not even an orc. The new king kept his predecessor’s name in place of the typical “king,” and so was crowned Bruse Shantus.

Though there are still factions among the goblinoids and throughout the Anthras Mountains who refuse to bow to the new monarchy, many old warlords are now clamoring for a share of this new prosperity. Against nearly everyone’s predictions, it appears that Ber will endure as a unified nation.

Vairday Bruse

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