Axis Island



A SMALL, SPARSELY INHABITED island in the Yerasol Archipelago so-named because magnets spin on their axis there, a trait that confounds compasses. It is at the edge of the wild magic zone that surrounds Danor’s dead magic zone. As such, it is notorious for bizarre, often dangerous magical phenomena that some scholars believe are extra-planar anomalies.

Axis possesses scenic beaches, steep cavern-riddled cliffs and drop-offs, and is only lightly forested. Most of its flora consists of scattered hillside scrub, though tangled jungle winds through the bottom of the ravines, clinging to the streams.

Danor maintains several facilities across the island, such as a shipyard, steelworks, several mines, and a military fortress. The nation considers the isle a key military holding, and have had researchers studying its scattered ancient ruins and planar fluctuations since the end of the last Yerasol War.

Axis Island

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