Bleak Gate


THE REALM KNOWN AS THE BLEAK GATE is thought to be a darker, more malevolent reflection of the Dreaming and the Material Plane. Mortal minds occasionally travel to the Bleak Gate during their worst nightmares, and are treated to a glimpse of what may be in store for them at the end of their lives—darkness, despair, and horror.

The Bleak Gate is consists of two parts: the Threshold which overlaps and connects to Lanjyr at all points, and the Shadowfell which acts as an incubator to many potential demiplanes and other proto-magical realms. From the Threshold a traveler experiences a misty greyscale version of Lanjyr. Just beneath this fog-shrouded analog of the Material Plane, the Shadowfell is a roiling boil of nightmare-born landscapes melt, burn, grow, and dissolve without any rhyme or reason. Some act as personal hells for the dead. Tales persist of an enormous eye at the center of this storm, but they are most likely figments of some half-remembered dream.

The vast majority of inhabitants of the Bleak Gate are creatures of shadow and the incorporeal dead. But these aren’t the only beings at home in this gloomy expanse. Scholars and madmen speak of things roaming the dark dreamscapes that feed upon the emotions of visitors; psychic abominations who extinguish every spark of light and hope that intrude upon their dread demesnes.

Common lore of the Clergy calls the Bleak Gate “Purgatory,” and envisions it as lying underground, a place where the dead pass through on their way to their reward or punishment in the afterlife. The dwarves of Drakr believe that it is a vision of the distant future, of what the world will look like when everyone has died. Berans believe it lies on the dark side of the moon.

Bleak Gate

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