Extraterrestrial travelers stranded in the skies over Lanjyr, dromites are a short, insectile race with chitinous skin, iridescent compound eyes, and two antennae protruding from their brows. Drifting helplessly in the upper atmosphere are massive dromite hive-ships which can normally only be reached via psionic portals. All dromites share a goal and desire to return their race to the distant star from whence they came, and many are dispatched to the ground to unravel the mystery of why their ships can no longer move. Most dromites are enthusiastic if given the opportunity to explore Lanjyr, and many find themselves distracted from their mission by simple pleasures such as sightseeing and making friends.

Dromites form castes based on their energy affinities. Fire castes are warriors, testy and melodramatic. Ice castes are scholars, analytical and logical. Voice (sound) casts are entertainers and leaders. Glimmer (electricity) castes are steadfast workers. Dromites, save their hive consorts and queens, are androgynous and possess no sexual characteristics. They are exceedingly sociable, however, forming deeply emotional “life-bonds” that resemble marriages but include several beings. These life-bonds can cross dromite caste boundaries and in the case of adventuring dromites, species as well.

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