KNOWLEDGE OF FUSILS—the cylindrical weapons that use explosive alchemical reactions to propel bullets at deadly speeds—has existed for centuries, but these weapons were considered inferior to existing magical attacks, which were more accurate and had less risk of accidental death. Only after the Great Malice did the Danoran military begin to refine and improve fusils. The latest innovations in these weapons, now commonly called “guns,” have led to their spread into Risur and Drakr, where industrial production helps equip armies with firepower on par with a well-trained sorcerer.

Firearms fascinate gunsmiths, who are not content simply to purchase and practice with guns. They tweak and tinker with their own refinements, and whenever two such craftsmen cross paths they bargain and deal for each other’s secrets. Especially now that firearms have moved beyond the null magic lands of Danor, seemingly limitless possibilities have opened up for the development of weapons that mix spellcraft and chemistry. Flint’s city governor Roland Stanfield is already planning a technological exposition where gunsmiths and other inventors can showcase their creations.

Playing a Gunsmith

Not all gunsmiths devote their combat training to wielding firearms; some just like to have the weapons for their aesthetic appeal, or to take advantage of the common man’s fear of their power. More often, though, gunsmiths practice endlessly to improve their aim, and try to learn as many trick shots as possible to prove the superiority of their chosen killing device. Those with magical training often master rituals to enchant their pistols. One gunsmith is said to be able to conjure a cannon from her petticoat pocket.

Many romanticize the deadly purity of guns, or decorate their weapons with baroque inlays and carvings. A few gunsmiths, however, take a bleaker view, rejecting any form of poetry. They just know guns are damned good at killing people, and that life’s as good as worthless when a bullet costs less than a mug of beer.


You have discovered the coolest-looking fighting style in the world.
Benefit: You can draw and attack with firearms as if you had the Quick Draw and Two-Weapon Fighting feats. If you attack with a firearm in the same turn you draw it, the attack doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.


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