PREFERRING A BUCOLIC LIFE of farming, eating, and socializing, halflings are a short and plucky people ubiquitous throughout human lands. Halflings have dwelt in semi-autonomous, fairly innocuous agrarian communities at the fringes of human kingdoms for centuries—though their race is far more ancient. They are especially numerous in Crisillyir. Though they are fascinated by gadgetry, many halflings are suspicious of large-scale industry and technology, favoring the simplicity of their quaint rural lives.

Halflings commonly devote some part their lives to traveling, and may spend years abroad. Curious and adventuresome halflings often migrate to human settlements, finding work in service professions such as maids, cooks, and innkeepers. Others gravitate toward adventuring careers, where their luck and bravery serves them well. Some halflings, however, fancy less-savory professions, and their race has an unfortunate reputation for thievery. Oft-ignored and overlooked, halflings tend to find themselves in the perfect position to unobtrusively observe and navigate the changing world around them.

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