Harkover Lee


Npc harkover lee

Perhaps the most powerful mage in Risur, Lee acts as King Aodhan’s bodyguard and chief of staff. Straight-backed and virile despite being in his 60s, Lee has a slight Ber-tinged accent, and was said to be quite the ladykiller in his youth.

He always dresses in reds and golds and carries a solid gold wizard’s orb tucked into his robes. He never eats or drinks in public.

Prior to the christening of the RNS Coaltongue, Harkover Lee expressed an inordinate amount of interest in RHC constable Utsusemi—specifically, the fabled flying cities from which the dromites hail from. Lee mentioned that flight magic on that scale has proven to be impossible for even the mightiest mages.

During the Coaltongue sabotage plot, Lee believed Utsusemi’s warning that something was amiss, giving the dromite the means to warn him should an evacuation prove imperative. When signaled, Lee coordinated efforts topside to evacuate the attending dignitaries to the support ships. However, his attempt to teleport to safety with King Aodhan failed, due to the counter-magic of Duchess Ethelyn‘s fey allies. Lee wound up teleporting without his king in tow, leaving Aodhan’s fate in the hands of Leocamp Assurgent.

Harkover Lee

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