House Jierre


COMMON BELIEF ATTESTS THAT that Srasama cursed the leaders of the Clergy with infernal horns and jagged tails, sacrificing half her mortal followers in a Great Malice when she realized she could not defeat the armies arrayed against her. When Jierre united Danor’s factions, almost all those so accursed, dubbed “tieflings,” joined him. Some became decisive merchant leaders, while others took a role in government. Jierre, for his part, refused to be crowned king, and for his remaining years he served as part of a congress of peers. In the centuries since his death, though, his family—tieflings all—has proven a source of many great statesmen, scholars, and inventors. Though officially Danor has only a Congress and a Sovereign who is elected every decade, the House of Jierre is effectively Danor’s royal family. Where they point, most follow.

The Sovereign today is Han Jierre, former president of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious academy of war, the Jierre Sciens d’Arms. Various relatives and in-laws hold many positions in the government and military. A few have even traveled abroad to study magic and apply Danoran principles of science to explain how it works, rather than relying on traditional beliefs. So far, detailed theories have eluded them, as if magic itself refuses to let itself be understood.

Without a doubt, the House of Jierre rules Danor, but their prominence has none gone uncontested. In past periods of riots and protests, though, it certainly helped that, even in a realm where spellcasting does not work, any tiefling can still rebuke a person who attacks him with infernal fire.

House Jierre

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