House Rules


We’ll be using the basic Pathfinder rules found here with the following exceptions and clarifications:

Trading iterative attacks for 5-foot steps

“Iterative attacks,” those extra attacks normally gained when a character’s Base Attack Bonus (BAB) reaches +6, +11, and +16; often discourage movement around the battlefield—which is not very swashbuckling. While not removed from your tactical options, you can choose to take a free 5-foot step in lieu of an attack during a full attack action.


Characters heal hp = level+CON bonus every 24 hours, assuming at least 8 hours are spent in bed rest. Complete bed rest over the better part of 24 hours doubles this amount.

Bonus Hit Points

Player characters add their character level to their hit points, in addition to any other bonuses to hit points. PCs who are depleted of hit points lower than their character level gain the staggered condition.

0 Level Spells

Under the Pathfinder rules, spellcasters can cast most of their 0-level spells an unlimited number of times per day. Even so, the spells create water and purify food and drink, cannot each be cast more times per day than the caster’s class level x casting stat bonus (INT, WIS, or CHA). This is to simply prevent “spamming” these spells to end drought and world hunger.

Fortune Points

The campaign utilizes a Fortune Points system. These points may be spent for small bonuses, or permanently expended for significant advantages. They are gained by active participation, roleplaying, and contributions to this web site.

House Rules

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