A ELADRIN-BLOODED elven handmaiden to Duchess Ethelyn of Shale. In the Third Yerasol War, Sokana was rescued by the duchess—then just a sorceress in the Risuri military—from the island plantation of a rich Danoran, who had kept her as a trophy wife. Sokana settled with an elven family in Risur, hiding her true identity to avoid retaliation by the Danorans.

The duchess helped her rediscover her fey roots, though Sokana only displayed a marginal talent with magic. Though she poses as a full elf, when she uses magic her eyes flare an unearthly azure, revealing her heritage.

Sokana led an ill-fated plot on behalf of her mistress to sabotage and destroy the RNS Coaltongue during its maiden voyage, a scheme that would have killed hundreds, including King Aodhan. Before commencement of the plot, Ethelyn reached out to one of the RHC operatives providing security during the launch party, the elven druidess Lethe Greenbark. Sokana saw a spiritual sibling and kindred spirit in the druidess and was certain that Lethe would heed her mistress’s indirect warning to abandon her mission aboard the Coaltongue. When she didn’t, Sokana warned her more directly, tipping her hand. Even when confronted by Lethe in the Duchess’s quarters, Sokana spared the unconscious constable from her brownie assassin’s coup de grâce.

This proved to be Sokana’s gravest mistake. Lethe was revived by her teammates and led the charge against the handmaiden and her anti-industrialist accomplices as they were sabotaging the Coaltongue’s engine. The sorceress fought until all her companions were killed, then made a futile escape attempt. After her getaway was thwarted by Utsusemi and a well-aimed bag of caltrops, Sokana surrendered to the authorities.


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