Spirit Medium


THE DANORAN INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION has changed the ways of war, giving even the poorest man weapons that can kill the wealthy and well-equipped. Why then should not matters of the soul also move from the purview of the enlightened into the grasp of the common people? So ask spirit mediums, who wish to explain the mysteries of spirits and the afterlife so that men no longer need priests to tell them what awaits beyond death.

Certainly, many mediums are charlatans who prey on the weakness of bereaved aristocrats. But a few have discovered how to contact the dead through a form of psionic meditation called a séance. Some will only use their talents to help those who have a sincere need to know the secrets of the dead, and will only train students who share the same worldview, but most mediums reject such insularity as smacking of organized religion, and will gladly wake the dead for a quick chat at the drop of a few coins.

Playing a Spirit Medium

The ability to speak with the recently departed is of great value to the Royal Homeland Constabulary, which recruits enthusiastically people with useful talents. Compared with the normal life of a medium, criminal investigators seldom have to convey messages between the dead and their living friends and relatives, though such conversations can help elicit otherwise unyielding secrets.


You possess a deep understanding of spirits and the ties that bind them to the mortal world. With the simplest of actions and words, you can stir the recently deceased into action.
Benefit: Once per day you may use speak with dead as a spell-like ability. When using the spell in this manner, you must use it in the area where your target died and it must be used within a day of the creature’s death. Unlike the spell, you do not require a complete body as the ability speaks with the spirit and needs no corporeal connection.
Once per combat, as a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity, you conjure forth a creature from a summon monster list equal to 1/2 your character level (rounded down)1; which represents the manifested spirit of a creature that died within the last five minutes and with a few miles of your current location. The spirit appears in a space you choose within 25 ft. of you, and performs a single standard action of your choice. Any attack it makes count as having the ghost touch weapon property. In all other ways this ability conforms to the limitations of the summon monster spell.

1 This mechanic differs from and supersedes the one presented in the ZEITGEIST™ Players’s Guide

Spirit Medium

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