XEPHS ARE A SUPERNATURALLY AGILE, VAGUELY FELID psionic race that dwell in the Malice Lands. Their kingdom, known as Xephanan (the “Twilight Chasm”) lies in the shadowy crevasses of the Eastern Piscene mountains, a valley strangely lit by a dim, blue radiation. Soon after the Great Malice, the energy appeared and altered the xephs’ physiognomy, and over time they began to excel in psionics. The felids soon erected futuristic fastnesses of precious metals and gems, and dedicated their civilization to beauty and pleasure.

Xephs are acknowledged for their skill in feats of agility, their supernatural quickness, and their temperamental, sensuous natures. Xephs live for pleasure, are quick to laugh or joke, playful with strangers, and are especially charitable to those who earn their confidence. If they are betrayed, however, xephs are unrelenting in their resolve to seek redress. Xephs value pretty things—artful sculpture, beautiful paintings, expensive clothing, and attractive persons. They prefer to avoid a fight rather than wade in, but they are fierce as lions if combat is their only recourse.

Xephs are slightly shorter than humans and are slender and graceful. Xephs’ skin is light tan to dark brown, sometimes patterned with spots or stripes, and their feline eyes are dark, save when they reflect the light or they utilize psionics. Their hair is often wavy and mussy; some wear it clipped short, while others shave their heads except for a topknot woven into a single long braid.

Xephs and Xeph Racial Traits at the D20PFSRD

Xeph Alternate Racial Traits

Catlike Agility(Ex): Some Xephs enjoy a +4 racial bonus to Acrobatics and Stealth. They receive an additional +4 racial bonus to Acrobatics checks made to keep their balance on narrow surfaces. This trait replaces “Naturally Psionic.”

Slow Fall (Ex): A xeph within arm’s reach of a wall can use it to slow his descent. The xeph takes damage as if the fall were 10’ shorter per 3 character levels. This distance is cumulative with other slow fall effects. This trait replaces “Innate Resistance.”


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